Coffee Pot Peak, Sedona, Arizona (c) 2014

Coffee Pot, Sedona, AZ (c)2014

A lens on the world

Welcome to rascott photography. Some of these pictures have been acquired by private collectors and others have been published. Many have been exhibited. Click on "Browse" (to the left) and then choose from one of the exhibition galleries or from "Human Creations" or "Scenes" to review photographs. Or, click on one of the photographs shown here. Please note that these images are strictly for viewing only and no image may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form whether mechanical or digital. All photographs are copyrighted: (c) 2014, (c)2015, (c)2016, (c)2017, (c)2018, all rights reserved. Please review the exhibition galleries and visit one or more in person. Please also note the Artist Resume. Thanks for stopping by. rascott photography.

Love Birds (c) 2008

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